The world of Kapsch. At Kapsch TrafficCom, we are working on making a sustainable future for traffic a reality. We are developing innovative solutions for transport and traffic in the areas of smart urban mobility, connected vehicles, tolling, traffic management and traffic safety. Through our forward-thinking solutions, we have a clear goal: Getting from A to B in a comfortable, safe, efficient and sustainable way. In this endeavor, we also focus on a sustainable value creation process. Our innovative and creative teams work cooperatively around the globe on solutions for the problems of today and tomorrow, answering the questions of the future of mobility, like: How can cities like Buenos Aires, Mumbai or Madrid influence traffic flows to the benefit of their citizens and the environment? How does a car have to communicate with its surroundings to drive autonomously and safely? And how can we improve the traffic experience for each individual participant? Answering these questions takes curiosity, creativity and cooperation – the values that the future of mobility needs, and the values that Kapsch TrafficCom lives.... weiterlesen

Kapsch TrafficCom

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